The Modern Nabha Public Sr. Sec. School, Nabha is the premier Educational Institution in the town. It is brain-child of Mr. S.S. Bedi who worked as a Senior Teacher in Punjab Public School, Nabha and was mainly instrumental in setting and running Nabha Public School for 10 years and Mrs. Satinder Kaur Bedi who nurtured with care the primary section of Nabha Public School

The school was established by both of them which grew out of need of the parents, who may or may not be affluent, but who want to give their children the best education. This institution is an English-medium, which will aim at giving its pupils, a command over English which will be sufficient and lasting. Lot of stress is laid on spoken English by involving the students in declamations, debates, story-telling and class-room-conversation. Emphasis in the primary section is laid specially on phonetics. The Pupils learn to make the direct connection between English word or phrase and the object, action or idea it bears.

Our primary obligation is to guide the children in pursuit of knowledge and skills and help them to become happy, useful and self-supporting citizens.



The school is run by “The Modern Education Society”, Circular Road, Nabha Registered under ‘The Societies Act XXI of 1860 with its Registration No. 646 dated 10-11-1989.’


School Building

The school was housed in rented building for five years but at present it is in its own spacious premises in the Serene surroundings outside Mehs Gate. It has 54 rooms with 2 big halls measuring 45’x75’ and 35’x75’.



The school is affiliated with Punjab School Education Board vide Identity no. PS 4819 since 1993



The aim of the curriculum is to provide good all-round-education with specialization at a later stage. The school prepares the students for Punjab School Education Board Examination and follows the syllabi as prescribed by NCERT.



Medium of instruction is English for all subjects and for all classes.



To promote qualities of leadership, self-reliance and co-operation among the students, the prefactorial system is followed in this school. The school head boy and head girl are the senior most appointments. They are directly responsible to the Director/Principal for over all discipline among the students. Two Field Marshals, Four House Captions & 12 House Prefects will assist the head boy and head girl in this respect. They are called School-Office-Bearers.


Selection Process

All the School Office Bearers are selected on the basis of their performance in academic, sports, co-curricular activities. Their attendance in the school is also seriously taken for this purpose. They have to participate in the Extempore Speech, Essay Writing and have to face a very vigorous interview before a Selection Board to be selected in the team

Houses & Prefectorial System

The school is divided into four houses i.e. Jasmine, Lotus, Marigold and Rose. Every Pupil is allotted a house. The house system creates sense of belongingness and provides opportunities for healthy competition in the sphere of sports and Co-curricular activities. Each house will be under the charge of House Master assisted by two teachers called tutors. For smooth running of the houses a team of house caption with three house prefects will be at the disposal of The House Master.



The students must be present in the school on all working days, Leave of absence will be granted when the child is ill, or prior written permission is obtained. Parents must submit leave application in advance. Children who are absent are liable to be fined heavily and if they are absent for more than fifteen days without permission, his/her name will be struck off from the school records.


Home Work

We discourage home work in Nursery classes however Home Work of English, Maths & Vernacular Languages is given daily but for E.V.S and Science it is given on alternative days in the higher classes.


School Timings

Summer: 8:00 A.M. to 1:45 P.M. | Winter: 8:30 A.M. to 2:15 P.M.


School Holidays

Summer: June 5th to July 10th | Winter: Dec 25th to Jan 3rd


Morning Assembly

It is compulsory for all the students and staff to attend the morning assembly. The assembly meets for 15 Minutes every day. During this, the students recite/sing one of the school prayers. This time is also utilised to acquaint the students with the latest news and senior students are asked to give short-talk on different topics. This infuses a sense of self-confidence in them.



The students are obliged to follow the rules and regulations of the school framed from time to time otherwise the defaulter will be expelled from the school for a period of time or may be rusticated depending upon the offence.


Loss or Damage

The parent will make good of any loss or damage caused to the school property by his child. He will pay in full to meet any expenditure on this.


Class Room

Each and every class-room is looked after by the class teacher and class captain. They will be responsible for its requirements and cleanliness. They will also maintain the attendance register in perfect condition.



On the pattern of recent National Policy of Education we have introduced semester system in our school. First semester examination will be held in the month of September & the second in the month of March every year. We will not give weightage only to these examinations but also have 5 monthly tests of 20 marks each which will be given to the students for continuous comprehensive evaluation. On the basis of these tests 20 percent marks will be carried in the final exam results.

The children will take examination at the end of each semester. The second semester examination will be held in March. The dates of monthly tests will be announced from time to time. The school will send the result of all the exams to the parents.

Any student who remains absent in any paper in any exam will be fined ₹100 per paper. However first and second semester examination are must for all the students up to class 8th. From class 9th onwards the examination system of Punjab School Education Board is followed.



A pupil will be promoted to the higher class on the basis of his performance in all examinations. The final result will be calculated by giving 40% weightage to 1st semester exam, 40% to the 2nd and 20% to the monthly tests.



The Board of Governors decide the Fee class to class and year to year. You can request to get the prevailing fee structure only. Two months fees of June and July are charged in June and of February and March in month of February every year.

If the fees are not paid up to 7th of every month a fine of ₹25 per day subject to the maximum fine of ₹100 may be charged otherwise the students is not allowed to take examinations.


Caution Money

Caution money will be refunded on a written request. Outstanding dues will be deducted from the caution money. If the caution money is not withdrawn within 3 month of the withdrawal of the child, it will be forfeited.


The Withdrawls

When a child is to be withdrawn, One calendar month notice should be given or the child will have to pay the tuition fees for the month.

Principal may advise a parent to withdraw his child if he feels that the child does not benefit from the school. He may also advise a parent to withdraw the child immediately if he feels that the child cannot adopt himself to school. It is obligatory for the parent to do so.


School Leaving Certificate

The certificate will be issued on a written request. A fee of ₹200 will be charged for the certificate, if a duplicate copy is required fee of ₹300 will be charged. The certificate will be issued after all school dues are paid. The school discourage to issue duplicate certificate.


Academic Societies

There are also academic and literary societies i.e. Library, English, Punjab, Hindi, Cultural and Scientific Society which meet regularly organise meetings, create interest in the pupils in various literary activities such as public speaking, debates, dramas etc. which will help them for inter-house competitions


Holiday book test

One general book is assigned to each class in summer vacation and a test is given to students on the same after the vacation.



There is a break of 15 minutes after 4th period to enable the students to take their mid-day meals.


Parent-Teacher Association

A parent can meet any teacher on last Saturday of every month from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm just after the Saturday forum. The executive committee of Parent-Teacher-Association meet once a year.



To encourage the pupils we award prizes, merit certificates to pupils who top in their classes in various activities and who also achieve a high standard in various school subjects and activities.



Normally the admission is done in the nursery classes. Admission to higher classes is done provided there are vacancies. Application form with prospectus is available in the school office on payment.



Names are registered for admission on a payment of non-refundable fee of ₹200 however, Registration does not guarantee admission.


Academic session

It starts from 1st of April of every year and ends on the last day of March next year.


Computer Lab

It is well equipped with 15 Ultra-Modern Computers which are looked after by an attendant and a computer teacher. He teaches all the students from class 2nd to 12th


School library

The school has a very rich and well maintained Library. We have arranged the books in such a way that they can be found by consulting one register in which the location of the book is shown almirah wise, shelf wise, row wise and place wise so that they can be located easily. A great care has been taken while selecting the books to provide lively, knowledgeable and interesting readings for pupils. The pupils are encouraged to read books.


Reading Section

This section is for the newspapers and periodicals. Almost all the types of periodicals for the children of this age group are subscribed.



In junior section compulsory instructions are given in arts and crafts. The pupils are encouraged to take up and stick to some hobby or leisure of their interest. The staff guides them in their work. We encourage our pupils to realise that as the member of a community, they have a responsibility to others and they are required to involve themselves in the concept of service to the community. Specialized training is provided for this purpose.


Sports room

It is full of all the required equipments for the students of six years to 17 years age group



The house master along with house tutors are responsible for the house activities & inter-house-competitions which are generally organised in Saturday’s forum on second & last Saturday of every month


In-door Games

We have provided a hall of 72’x45’ for indoor games i.e. Badminton, Table-tennis, Carom board & Chess etc.